Saga of the Old City

Episode 112: Rescue Mission (Part Two)

As the party flees the Gnoll camp under the cover of darkness, they can hear the baying of hyenas in pursuit. The first group of four riders catches them just as they approach the mesas. The hyenas and riders converge quickly on Siduri at the back of the party carrying Kara. She is knocked out immediately, shielding Kara with her own body. The other prisoners ride forward into the mesas while Gilgamesh wheels around to heal Siduri. Acacia and Zariastra continue attacking their pursuers from a distance while Krivv manoeuvres into the melee to smash enemies left and right. Zariastra knocks one of the riders off his mount as Gilgamesh kills the mockery priest. When the last hyena is killed, the party quickly rides into the mesas. Acacia with Siduri’s help plots a course through the mesas that throws off the Gnoll pursuit. They find a quiet place to take an extended rest and continue towards the village of Laga the next day.

On their way to Laga, Acacia and Gilgamesh try to find traces of the reinforcements Gilgamesh ordered on the way out to the wastes. There is no sign of his soldiers. When the party arrives in Laga, the three human prisoners return to their families. Krivv scares up a villager who speaks Abyssal to translate for the Gnoll prisoner. Gilgamesh interrogates her and discovers that her name is Lhyra and that she’s of the Whisperer clan. She was confined for spying on the Sandwalker tribe at the beheast of her leader Gnara. She speaks frankly about the Demon King (whom all the Gnolls worship) and that they plan to attack Urkesh. They also learn of the internecine fighting between the Gnoll groups.

After the interrogation is over, Gilgamesh asks the villagers about the missing patrol and discovers that a lot of strange rumours have been floating around about Urkesh the last few days. No one is sure exactly what’s going on, but the adventurers decide to quickly return to the city to see what they find.

As they approach the city along the main road, they come to an unwelcome sight. There is a barricade in the middle of the road being manned an assortment of men. Closer examination on Krivv’s part reveals that their leader is a man named Taris, one of the better arena fighters. When they won’t make way for Gilgamesh, he hops from his camel and strides forward, kicking the cart that blocks the way out from under Taris and knocking him to the ground. Acacia fires at the archers behind the barrier and Krivv moves in to attack Taris and the two soldiers. The battle is swift and brutal. The archers can’t hit Gilgamesh and even as they fan out to avoid area bursts, the camels allow the adventurers to move around the barricade to attack them. Siduri and her camel vault the wagon to charge Taris and kill him with her goring charge. With their enemies dead, all that remains is to complete the journey home.

The party reaches fifth level.

Acacia doodle 5.14



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