Saga of the Old City

Episode 108: Ssorgess

As the party descends deeper into the lair, Krivv can hear voices whispering in draconic. As they round a corner they enter the kitchen area, with a dozen Lizardfolk huddled in the back. Essuri, the priestess of the black tribe, greets Gilgamesh with two of her followers. She explains that she has been held in captivity by Ssorgess and wants the adventurers to oust him from the tribe. With proof of his demise she can stop the raiding party that has already been sent to assault the town of Mari. She also offers the group an amulet that can protect one of them against the poison trap further into the lair. Zariastra is given the pendant.

The party continues down until they reach the final cavern in the lair. It consists of a huge, vaulted ceiling over 80 feet high, a turbid muddy pool over 20 feet deep, and a series of small islands connected by crude planks serving as bridges. Luminous fungi provide low light, but the party relies on the sunrod carried by Zariastra, allowing the humans to see.

The party crosses the first bridge with Acacia remaining behind on it. As the trapped bridge collapses Acacia’s quick reflexes get her on land just before the black dragon Vaxlathan arises from the water and breaths on the party. Nearly everyone is hit. Ssorgess, a bodyguard, an archer and a mage stand on the furthest island firing arrows and magic at the party. The less than sturdy bridges will prove to be the most difficult part of the battle for the party. Gilgamesh is the first to fall into the water, but manages to keep his feet the rest of the battle. Siduri, Foostus, Krivv, and Zariastra all fall into the water at various points, with Siduri ultimately forced to swim. Gilgamesh slowly advances along one side, making himself an attractive target (both for who he is and by being the most visible) and he is forced to use his healing magic on himself multiple times to survive the trip across. Acacia and Zariastra travel along the opposite side and Acacia is felled by the mage—Zariastra heals her and calls upon her globe of darkness to shield them both. Krivv is the first to make it across to the large island where Ssorgess is, followed closely by Foostus (who is the only party member not seriously hurt). Krivv lays into Ssorgess with his barbarian rage, while Gilgameah kills the mage in front of him and leaps across the corner of the bridge to land on the large island. Gilgamesh and Ssorgess trade blows while Foostus decapitates the bodyguard. Ssorgess falls under Gilgamesh’s sword and the dragon slides under the water to hide from the party. Before it can disappear, Gilgamesh and Foostus hit it so hard that they bloody him with opportunity attacks. Gilgamesh turns his attention to the archer whom he flanks and kills him. When the dragon resurfaces, Footus leaps fifteen feet in the air and brutally slams him. Siduri and Krivv position themselves on the shore to attack while Gilgamesh throws a javelin. Acacia shots at the dragon and slides him into range, triggering the readied actions with Krivv getting the killing blow. The battle is over and the party is in desperate shape. Gilgamesh mounts Ssorgess’ head on the end of his own battleaxe while Acacia loots the bodies. She finds the Iron Key Zissren mentioned and Siduri confirms that it is magical.

Acacia s notebook 4.8

The group limps back to Essuri and gives her the proof—she immediately races off with many of her folk to stop the raid. As the party makes their way out of the lair towards the city they are meet by a very smug Utuk and his men. Utuk tells them how sorry he will be to report the adventurer’s deaths to the King, but someone (Zariastra) has been a thorn in his side long enough to merit taking care of it himself. Gilgamesh gives Utuk one chance to withdraw and is refused. Krivv, Foostus, and Gilgamesh proceed to intimidate Utuk’s men and 4 flee from their combined wrath. Two soldiers rush Gilgamesh, but are unable to land a blow even as he charges past them to attack Utuk. Acacia fires two rapid shots and kills the four minion archers. Krivv advances and decimates cool shield soldier (will they ever learn?). Foostus brutally slams the other soldier into Utuk and then uses his avalanche strike on Utuk and hits for enormous damage. It’s not quite enough to kill him, but almost. Siduri follows up with a mighty blow that leaves Utuk dead. Gilgamesh, enraged by the man’s reckless foolishness, drags Utuk’s body back to Urkesh.

The party reaches fourth level.


Mike (Foostus) guest-starred.

Episode 108: Ssorgess

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