Acacia Kamman

Elven Hunter


Stats at…

Level 4
Str 13 AC 21 HP 40 Acrobatics +11
Con 13 Fort 15 Surges 7 Heal + 10
Dex 20 Reflex 19 Surge Value 10 Nature +14
Int 11 Will 16 Perception +12
Wis 16 Stealth +11
Cha 8

Her father left on the last trade caravan headed north towards Marad when she was still a child. He never came back; she was raised by her mother and her uncle Shad (who is a bit of a rogue and has become involved in the seedier aspects of the merchant business). In her mid-twenties, she decided that she would find her father or her father’s remains, whichever the case may be. Her cousins, Linden (Shad’s son) and Juniper agreed to travel with her. Acacia spent the next several decades traveling the environs around Urkesh, updating her father’s maps and looking for clues. She’s methodical and patient – like a good hunter – and traveled in expanding concentric circles. She returns to Urkesh to restock her supplies and update her family, usually one or twice a year. She stops and visits outlying villages, keeping track of what little trade exists and passing knowledge from one settlement to another. She has a contact in Urkesh who passes her findings to the appropriate parties. The original contact was a human male named Jacob who kept her secret to help his climb within the organisation. He’s grown old and died. A minotaur replaced him just recently. Acacia calls him Taurion (Elvish for giant) without ever bothering to discover his true name. On her last return visit to Urkesh, circumstances changed. Her uncle Shad has fallen ill and Linden has decided to take the reigns of the family business. Juniper, having grown disenchanted with the fruitless search, decides that she’d rather stay in the city and marry her sweetheart than continue. Acacia is in need of new traveling companions; whatever shall she do?

Acacia Kamman

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