Ar'khyl Sandwalker

Leader of the Sand-Walker Gnolls


A powerfully built, cruel and cunning Gnoll


Ar’khyl is the latest leader of the Sand-Walker tribe, which has lived in the Rimanik Wastes for as long as anyone can remember, plaguing the kings of Urkesh all the way back to their founding. They live deep in the wastes, with a number of homes and hideouts. Slave-traders, no one has been able to end their raiding.

His people raided Laga (Episode 105: War (Part One)), but were destroyed by the party. They learn (Episode 110: Headaches) that the gnolls serve the Demon King. Servants of the Demon King have handed Kara, Zariastra’s ward, to the gnolls (information provided by the Kimah family to Siduri in Episode 111). The party pursues the gnolls and discovers that all three tribes have participated. They free Kara and the other prisoners and elude their pursuit.

Ar'khyl Sandwalker

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