Demon King

An arch-demon or demonic god.




As learned from the gnoll Lhyra (in Episode 112, who they freed in Episode 111), the Demon King is imprisoned somewhere in the region and has been for a very long time. His servants within the Urkesh community (such as Foopi and Sejanus) carry the tattoo of a left hand as identifiers. This tattoo, according to Lhyra, symbolises and ancient greeting between followers whose left hands would have an eye tattooed into their left hand.

The party’s first known interaction with cultists of the Demon King were their erstwhile compansions Jesse and Foopi (Episode 105), who were recommended to them by Sejanus (first met in Episdoe 104). Siduri was then attacked by cultists after she departed the Kimah party (Episode 107). Orobok‘s mining operation unknowingly uncovers a Demon King lair, which the party destroys in Episodes 109-110. In the course of their efforts they learn that the cultists can use a form of mind-control via an implanted shard carrying an aberrant monster within it. They learn that Krivv has been imbeded with such a shard, but he cannot remember when (Lavant is able to remove the shard with a ritual). When they discover Sejanus’ treachery (Episode 110)they learn that the cultists have three remaining lairs: additional tunnels in the area; in the Kharsannu forest under the ogre Grun’tash and out in the Rimanik Wastes with the gnolls. He also admits to a man or creature called Zandimus, but refuses to discuss him further.

Demon King

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