Taran (deceased)

Leader of the Red Lions


Taran’s family became indebted to the Kimah merchant family; unable to pay their debts, Taran was sold to them in an attempt to settle. Trained to be a arena fighter, he enjoyed some success under the pseudonym Alani (he fought Krivv once, losing the encounter). Able to buy his way out of the arena, but not from Kimah clutches, he fled into the Kharsannu forest to the encampments of the dispossessed. Becoming attached to Hersag the bandit, he was left behind on the mission that saw Gilgamesh defeat and kill the bandit leader. Taran rallied those who remained, but the bitter cup of his life in Urkesh spilled over when he heard that the rest of his family had been assassinated for being unable pay. He resolved to conquer the city and rule it better, blaming Gulkishar and the establishment for all his problems. His proclamations are about the betterment of all, so he is popular with the dispossessed. He offers food and builds shelters for them, swelling his ranks.

The Red Lions, a name borne from ancient tales of Ashurbanipal, have an established base camp several miles inland from the Tigris. Taran paid a Dwarven builder (Ferrek Haaki) to advise him on the construction of a palisade. The crude wooden structure serves as the main base for the group. Taran has recruited ex-soldiers into his ranks to provide basic training for volunteers.

After Taran’s successful kidnapping plot (see the campaign journal), he lauched a surprise attack on Urkesh in the hopes to sweeping away Gulkishar and his establishment. He was defeated and killed by Gilgamesh and his compansions, along with the rest of his primary supporters, seemingly putting an end to the Red Lions.

Taran (deceased)

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