Kernig Root

A survival food in the wilderness


A root that thrives beneath the boughs of Kharsannu Forest.


A little known survival food used only for the desperate in the wilderness for its foul taste, Taurion the minotaur has found a market for it in Urkesh (Episode 103: The Red Lions), setting up an operation to harvest it with Acacia (just prior to Episode 107: Party at Kimah’s Place). The operation is moving full steam ahead prior to Episode 109.

When the party returns to Urkesh in Episode 113, they learn from Ishkibal about the violent bouts of madness plaguing lower town. Collectively the group fights those effected, and in Episode 114 learn that the drug is processed Kernig Root—so that the business enterprise Taurion engaged Acacia in was in fact a drug peddling scheme. The party defeats Taurion and Gilgamesh takes all the powder and kernig root he can find.

Kernig Root

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